Tech essentials absolutely everyone should have

Sometimes it pays to take a little step back, and look at things objectively. For example, we live in a time when we have tiny pocket computers which allow us to talk to people across the world that we’ve never met, that are incredibly efficient cameras and hold the answers to most questions in the universe. Granted, a lot of us use them for watching cats do funny things, but still – technology is great! Here are some tech essentials you need to add to your wish list!

A smartwatch

All (or at least some) of the power of your phone, but on your wrist! Although analog watches still look super stylish, a decent smartwatch can do so much more than just tell the time. From tracking your exercise to finding directions, and even answering calls. Make sure you look at what you want from your smartwatch before you buy. For example, do you just want a good fitness tracker, or do you want it to connect to your phone for notifications on the go? This will ensure you get the right make and model for you.

Tech essentials absolutely everyone should have

A portable power bank

As amazing as cellphones are right now, they don’t seem to have nailed the long battery life of phones from the past, and they always seem to run out of charge at the worst possible time! If you buy the cheap versions from a well-known grocery story, you might find yourself replacing them regularly. So in this case, it may pay to invest in one of the more heavy duty options that will hold more than one full charge and may even have multiple ports too.


As most of us are moving away from scheduled television and over to on-demand streaming services, it seems to make sense to invest in a quality TV on which to watch it. An enormous, 4K TV really isn’t going to set you back as much as it would have done a few years ago, and it should last you a long while. To go with your TV, a really fantastic set of speakers or a sound system will complement it perfectly and make you feel as though you are in the movies, from the comfort of your home!

Automated home accessories

We really are living in the future! With a smart speaker and some IoT accessories, you can control your entire house using just your voice. Set up light bulbs that will come on when you get in the house, or will slowly wake you up by turning on gradually in the morning. You can control your central heating, your coffee machine, and even your dishwasher. As well as, of course, asking it to play a ‘90s pop playlist! What more could you possibly want?

Tech essentials absolutely everyone should have

Quality headphones

As cool as Airpods and other wireless headphones are, you should probably also invest in a good wired pair too, as these won’t run out of charge. Look for headphones that have noise-canceling abilities, and if you are someone who will need to use them for work, such as a video editor, focus more on the comfort and specs than whether they look good.

Tech is designed to make your life easier (and infinitely cooler), and although it can be overwhelming choosing the ‘right’ versions, hopefully, this post has helped!