Who are minimalists and what’s their way of life?

Many people desire to be a bit more minimalist in their life, but they’re not entirely sure what it means. Does it mean getting rid of everything you own? Will you be living like a Tibetan monk? In short, minimalism is living with only the things you need, rather than cluttering your life with unnecessary objects. But we’re here to break it down further.

Who are minimalists and what’s their way of life?

What is minimalism?

The main idea of minimalism is summed up pretty well in this motto: We need to internally promote the things we most value in live, and remove everything that is unnecessary, and distracts us from our true purpose. This, in turn, forces you to improve what you hold dear in your life. Basically, minimalism means getting rid of everything you don’t actually NEED in your life… Which can be easier said than done.

The freedom from the passion for possessing

As technologies advance and material goods become a part of life, many people can become snowed under by things that don’t matter – like checking Facebook and Instagram every ten minutes. Modern culture requires us to possess as much as possible. But minimalists refute this. Minimalism is the freedom from the passion for possessing, and values experiences, relationships, and self-discovery above anything else.

Who are minimalists and what’s their way of life?

They live slower paces

In modern city life, people are constantly rushed, snowed under with work and working long hours, while still falling deeper into depression. Minimalists slow down their lives and live at a leisurely pace. They free themselves from modern hysteria and seek only the essentials in life.

Who are minimalists and what’s their way of life?

The freedom from duplicity

When you think about you, your life and your personality – how many people are you actually being? Are you a different person on Monday then you are on Saturdays? Do you change around different people? Many people do. Minimalists do not believe in this duplicity. They believe in one body and one soul on every single day of the week and in every situation. This makes your own life and personality dependable and reliable.

Minimalism is both internal and external

When thinking about minimalism, we think of de-cluttering. This can be in the mind or in the physical world. Many minimalists find yoga and meditation a way to get in touch with their bodies, while other minimalists find de-cluttering their house of unnecessary objects makes them feel at peace. For others, it is a mixture of both.

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Who are minimalists and what’s their way of life?

It is counter-cultural

In today’s day and age, we look towards our culture to define our being. We look towards our favorite celebrities to define our outfits or our hairstyles, and we take to Facebook to gain approval over our everyday achievements. Minimalists do not care for this culture. They do not chase glamor or success but live a quieter and calmer lifestyle. They spend their time addressing their own deepest issues, and how to improve relationships and their own lives.

It is achievable

In the 21st century, minimalism can often feel unachievable. But it is. First, you have to be willing to know what minimalism is, and how you go about it. Then, it is up to you how you pace yourself, and what changes you make to your minimalist lifestyle. You can start by decluttering your home, which will in turn help de-clutter your mind. Take up mindfulness and yoga and switch off from the distractions off the world.

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Who are minimalists and what’s their way of life?