Important career tips that most people never hear

As with most things in life, we are given so much advice when it comes to our career, some of it over and over again. This advice changes as we grow, from being told as children that we could become whatever we wanted, to being told that when we graduate, we need to take any job that we can get. Here are some amazing career tips that you won’t have been given a million times.

Try not to look too stressed

If you take on too much, and then outwardly look too stressed, you will give the impression that you cannot handle any more work, and therefore you are unlikely to be given any extra responsibilities or any possible promotions.

Important career tips that most people never hear

Get sociable

When you first start a new job, accept the first few invitations that you get to lunch or happy hour. This is the perfect way to get to know your workmates and assimilate yourself into the team. If you decline them, you may find that they stop being offered and you will feel left out.

Help others – it will come back to you

If you get a reputation for being someone who won’t help others, this will have a negative impact on your career progression. Help others, even if there is no direct benefit to you and it will come back to reward you in the future.

Be a problem fixer

Make yourself stand out from the crowd. Ask your boss what his biggest issue is, and find a way to fix it. They will appreciate your efficiency, your creative problem-solving skills and your willingness to go above and beyond.

Decide what it is that you want to do

A great way to do this is to write a list of 20 things you want from your life. You’ll start with obvious things from the top of your mind, such as “I want more money” or “I want a car,” but when they are out of your mind, you will find deeper things such as “I want to travel” or “I want to empower people.” You can use these subconscious thoughts to decide the direction you want to take.

Keep your contacts

Sure, the people you work with are important to network with, but those that leave and go on to other jobs in other companies are almost more valuable. When you are looking for other jobs in the future, these are the people that will be great to know.

Don’t be entitled

There is a fine line between having confidence and being cocky. There is also a fine line between being entitled and going after what you deserve. As soon as you cross along to the other side, people will notice and will instantly take a dislike to you. Stay humble and grateful.

Important career tips that most people never hear

Don’t cook fish in the microwave

It’s an odd one, but probably one of the most important. Don’t be the person who reheats fish in the staff room microwave. It will stink to high heaven for weeks, and everyone will secretly hate you!

If you follow these tips and work hard at your job, you will thrive. Remember, these are not your average career tips, so they will put you ahead of the competition – good luck!