At-home remedies that actually work

It’s cold and dark now, and you know what that means, right? Illnesses are going around, and we are all battling against cold, flu, and other types of potential sickness. Protecting yourself against illness in the winter is crucial for helping maintain productivity, and for ensuring you can function at the appropriate volume. But, what if you have run out of medicine and the store is closed?

Well, that’s where home remedies come in. These are crucial for helping you to treat yourself with ease when you’re feeling under the weather. But, you may not know of any remedies to use, and that’s why we’ve compiled this guide to help you. You know those things your parents used to tell you? Like chicken soup is good for a cold. Well, these are some of the other great things you can do when you’re poorly.

Gargle water

Surprisingly, the act of gargling water can actually be very useful if you want to prevent or ward off a cold. In fact, tests have proven this to be one of the best ways of improving your immune system and preventing the risk of upper respiratory tract infections. There are also results that have shown how gargling salt water can help to combat and heal a sore mouth or throat too. Gargling is incredibly easy to do, and much more effective than you might have considered at first.

Vinegar and rubbing alcohol

This is actually considered the best way to guard against ear infections and swimmer’s ear. You mix one part white vinegar with one part rubbing alcohol, and you get the magic mixture. Carefully pour a teaspoon into each ear, and let it run back out again. This is an excellent way of protecting against ear infections and stopping you from developing annoying and debilitating ear conditions.

Apples and carrots

Apples and carrots are something we can enjoy every day. They are really tasty, and they boost our health by being great for us, as well as one of our five a day. But, in addition to this, they are actually really great for helping to whiten teeth as well. If you want to look after your teeth and keep them that little bit whiter, make sure you are tucking into as much raw carrot and apple as you can get your hands on.


Ginger is actually a really magical product and can fight off nausea really well. If you suffer from motion sickness, or you are dealing with nausea brought on by vertigo or treatments like chemotherapy, ginger is the perfect remedy for this. In fact, studies have shown that even 1g of ginger is hugely effective for helping with this, so you could even pack some ginger candy for long trips. Say goodbye to the worst part of travel, and make ginger your new best friend!


So, there you have it, you’re all set to face the winter cold, and deal better with the potential illnesses that are floating around. These home remedies can work wonders for anyone who has a poor immune system, or worries that they are constantly getting ill all the time. Use the ideas we’ve mentioned, and do your best to make sure you use these home remedies as much as you can.