Easy decorating tricks to make your tiny bathroom look bigger

When you have a small bathroom, it can often feel like a mammoth and pretty unsuccessful task to try and make it look bigger than it actually is. The more you try, the smaller it becomes and soon you just give up. But there are ways to make it work – take a look at these five easy decorating tricks to make a small bathroom look bigger.

Use space-saving lights

But what are space-saving lights, we hear you cry? Well, to save space in your bathroom and to make it look bigger, you need to choose wall-mounted lights, mirror lights and cove lights. In a small bathroom, big chandeliers, or big lampshades hanging from the ceiling just make the room look much smaller than it already is. Using lights within furniture or wall-mounted objects are both handy in terms of space, but also incredibly aesthetic.


Buy a huge, statement mirror

We’ve all been there before, where we’ve stood in a room with a huge mirror and thought that the room was huge, or that there was another weirdly identical room in front of you, complete with your own clone. But that is the power of a big statement mirror – it reflects the room you do have (or what little of it) and makes it seem as if there is more to your bathroom than meets the eye. The best location for a mirror in your bathroom is over your sink, placed higher to the ceiling. You’re welcome.
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Continue your floor tiles into the shower

One way bathrooms are made to look smaller is the use of two different floorings for your shower cubicle and your actual bathroom floor, as it could often seem crowded and cramped. If you can, continue your floor tiles into the shower cubicle, as this will trick the eye into thinking there is more space on the floor and in the bathroom than there actually is.


Paint your ceiling and your walls in the same color paint

Making your small bathroom look bigger is all about tricking the eyes and deceiving the mind. One way to do this is to paint the ceiling and the walls in the same color. If you paint them two different colors, the low ceiling or the small walls will be even more prominent. When they are the same color, you often can’t tell when the walls begin and the ceiling end, making the whole room look bigger.

Small Bathroom 5

Build shelving into the walls

When you’re limited for space, you do not want to waste a precious corner of your bathroom on a large vanity case, cupboard or statement piece of furniture. If you can, build shelving into your walls, hang hooks on the walls, and make use of them in any way possible to avoid bringing in any furniture. And try to keep it the same color as your walls e.g white walls, white shelves. You’ll still have everything you need…they’ll just be on the walls.