The benefits of black tea

On a cold day with a book by the fire, or as a great way to start a day, a good cup of tea never goes out of style! We all know the benefits of green tea, but what about black tea? Are there health benefits that come with choosing a cup (or two!) of black tea in a day? Absolutely!

Healthy teeth

As long as you don’t pile the sugar in your tea, it is actually beneficial for your teeth! Studies show that black tea can reduce bacteria growth and the formation of plaque which can keep cavities and tooth decay at bay.

Keep down your risk of strokes

Research has shown that people who consume at least three cups of tea a day are actually 21% less likely to have a stroke than people who drink less than one cup of tea (black or green) a day – another great reason to stick the kettle on!

Get those antioxidants

Although you can get antioxidants from all sorts of fruits and vegetables, the ones that come from black tea (polyphenols) can help block the DNA damage that can come from tobacco for example.

Lower risk of cancer

It has been suggested that black tea can help to prevent some types of cancer. Women who drink black tea regularly have been shown to have a lower chance of ovarian cancer than women who do not drink tea.

Lower risk of diabetes

According to some studies, people who had been consuming black tea on a long-term basis were actually 70% less likely to develop or have type 2 diabetes. Of course, you can’t fill it with sugar if you want this benefit!

Calming and relaxing

It’s not just in our heads; there is proof to show that black tea can reduce levels of the cortisol hormone which causes stress. There is also an amino acid in the tea that can even help you concentrate better so skip the energy drinks and grab a cup of tea next time you are studying for finals!

Boost your immune system

Regularly drinking tea can keep away nasty viruses such as influenza and stomach flu as it can improve our immune system. If you do catch any viruses, the tannins in the tea can help fight it away quicker.

Healthier digestive system

Keep that all-important digestive tract happy and healthy with the tannins in the tea. If you suffer from gastric or intestinal illnesses, you can help soothe these with a few cups of black tea a day!

Increased energy

A lot of other drinks are full of caffeine and can over-stimulate the heart; however black tea is a little lower in caffeine so it can enhance the blood flow to your brain without any of the more negative side effects that may be found in other drinks.

Of course, as with everything, too much of something isn’t good for you, so make sure you mix it up and don’t just solely drink black tea! Also, always consult your doctor if you have any specific ailments before choosing to up your tea intake. Otherwise, sit back and relax with a soothing cup of tea and think about all the good things it is bringing to your body.