6 Ways To Understand Your Dog Better Than Ever

If you’re a dog mom or dad, then it is of the highest importance to understand your dog in order to connect with them. You probably already have a special relationship with your furry friend, however, dogs are incredibly unique creatures and are really able to tune in with human emotions.  A dog becomes our therapists and a part of our families, which is what makes us want to understand them so much. Here are some ways you can better achieve this.

Training is more than just teaching your dog

If you think teaching your dog is merely teaching him some impressive tricks, then think again.  Training your dog builds a strong bond including a great deal of trust and understanding. It also shows your dog that you both have mutual goals of making one an another happy. Your dog will be pleased with himself to see that he has done you well. Training allows for a healthy relationship and a deep emotional connection.

A woman is training her puppy on a field at sunset.
6 Ways To Understand Your Dog Better Than Ever

Use your hand to feed

Using your hand to feed your dog is very important, especially so when your dog is a mere puppy since it lowers food aggression and teaches them respectful behavior when being fed. In addition, it takes being fed to another level and shows your precious dog that you are his provider and are there for him.  This will also help slow down his eating and improve socialization.  It also keeps your dog’s focus on you, which builds trust and leads to a better understanding of each other and stronger relationship.

Experience nature together

Going on a nature walk together and learning to walk together will help you both better understand one another. A deep bond is also about how you both interpret the world around you.  You’ll be able to establish boundaries for your dog and show him that you can lead him in many adventures together. Through this journey you will also learn more about him and what he likes and dislikes. This will only strengthen your connection.

Bonding and playing go together

Dogs learn most of their behaviors through play, and they depend on vocal as well as body signals of their playmate in order to know what is acceptable.  When you’re playing with your dog, despite all the fun you’re probably having you need to set boundaries. If he becomes too aggressive, he needs to understand that through your vocal commands and play should be stopped. It helps your dog learn the rules of socialization, as well as better understand your emotions, body language, and commands.

6 Ways To Understand Your Dog Better Than Ever

Look at each other

Whenever you see those puppy-dog eyes you probably feel like melting, but the feeling is actually mutual. Both humans and dogs are filled with oxytocin, which is a chemical that is released when feeling love.  These feelings can come up by merely looking at each other since dogs and humans learned to rely on one another throughout evolution.  So gaze away!

Nap together

Sleeping next to your dog is important in order to show him that there is trust. If your dog can fall asleep close to you, then he probably feels safe and protected by you. And physical contact with your dog releases endorphins which will make you both feel more relaxed. With these feeling of ease, you’ll have a connection with each other like no other.

6 Ways To Understand Your Dog Better Than Ever