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Man builds a trap door in his living room that takes him on a journey

Have you ever visited an old house or castle and wondered if there is a secret passageway or trap door inside that could lead you to the next biggest adventure? Maybe it’s our overactive imagination, or perhaps it’s the fact that we are searching for that part of our childhood that never got fulfilled. How cool would it have been to have a secret door to hide away when you didn’t want to do the dishes? One man built something so amazing he didn’t want anyone to know it was there.

Empty space

Some of us are lucky enough to have spare rooms in our house.

These are perfect for dumping our junk or having extra wardrobe space when we buy one too many sweaters in the sale. What is all that extra space meant to be for anyway? We need something to fill it with. Gez, also known online as ‘notadeckofcards,’ had a basement that was waiting for an overhaul. Over the years he had used it as storage for all the weird and wonderful items he couldn’t bear to part with.

Perfect entrance

Although the new space was in the basement, Gez didn’t want a shabby entrance to his new room.

No, he wanted to make sure it was a room to be proud of. With so many hours going into the build, it only seemed fitting to make every inch of the project perfect. It wasn’t long before the old pathway was replaced with new bricks as well as wooden paneling to keep it all neat and tidy.

Clearing out

Gez worked to clear all the mess from the room. For the first time in years, he was able to see the space he had to use.

With so much room, would he be able to pull of his masterpiece? Plus, there was still plenty of work that needed to be done. The walls were crying out for a coat of paint to brighten the place up. Plus, the pipes were all on show. Gez needed to think of a way to cover up all the bits and bobs that wouldn’t look good in the new space.

More storage

Of course, all the stuff that was in the basement needed somewhere to go. However, the junk room had now been cleared out.

No worries, Gez had another answer up his sleeve. Rather than having everything all over the floor, Gez started work on making some new cupboards instead. Keeping everything organized was going to be key if he didn’t want to see his room slip back into its old messy ways. The new wall additions would be the perfect way to keep it all tidy.

Bricking it up

Gez had worked so hard to clear out the space underneath his house. However, that didn’t mean there weren’t some additions that needed to go into the room.

It was time to break out the bricks and mortar to get building the new piece in the room. This wasn’t going to be a project that Gez could finish in a weekend. He was in for the long haul as he set about completing the foundations for his new room. Hopefully, the addition would bring the whole space together.

Another dilemma

Constructing the outside of the house may have taken a huge chunk of Gez’s time, but he realized there was an issue: the only way to get into the basement was outside.

If it were raining or cold, he would have no choice but to go through the yard to enjoy his new space. That’s when Gez realized he was on top of the problem – literally. The room lay directly underneath his living room. Why couldn’t he just build an entrance from above?

The perfect size

The only issue with Gez’s new plan was the height difference. There was no way he could fit in a flight of stairs to the basement below.

Instead, he needed to find the most space-saving option possible. Gez quickly started measuring and worked out how small he could make the entrance. There was only one way to pull it off: a trap door. They had been used for cellars for hundreds of years. Now, he was going to build his own.

Keeping a secret

Gez didn’t want everyone to know about his secret plan for the room below.

Yes, they could go in from the outside, but what could be better than pulling off the ultimate illusion in front of your friend’s very eyes? So how could Gez keep it a secret? He needed to hide the trapdoor. There was the perfect answer. Instead of having it on show to the world, Gez opted for a bench that would keep his entrance safe from prying eyes. The idea was perfect.

Cutting the space

There was just one person that needed to green light the project, Gez’s wife.

After all, he couldn’t go around cutting holes in the floor without someone finding out. Even if he was going to cover his surprise entrance. Thankfully, Gez’s partner was on board with the idea, so he got sawing, and they soon had their new opening. Gez had been worried the hole might cause the room to weaken. Thankfully, the house still stood around them!

Making the cut

As well as creating the trap door above, Gez still had all the work to complete down in the basement.

The bricks had set, and the walls were drying out. It was all ready to start building the next stage of his grand plan. Away went the mortar and out came the wood. Gez needed a frame for his new brick creation before he could progress to the next stage. The project was just getting bigger and bigger. Surely he must nearly be done?

Comfort first

After not using the basement for so long, Gez wanted to ensure his new space would be the perfect place to come and relax.

Climbing into bed at the end of a long day can be a brilliant way to recuperate from the stresses of life. However, Gez didn’t want to spend his time upstairs. No, he wanted to lounge around in the basement. So he did the only sensible things and took the comfort of his bed to the new additions. Mattresses were the best option for a bed away from the bedroom.

Envious flooring

As if having a new space wasn’t great enough already, Gez wanted to make the room the best it could possibly be.

That means no corners were to be cut in the race to creating designer perfection. After a trip to the DIY store, Gez had enough stone to build a gravel moat that surrounded the entire room. That wasn’t all. Astroturf made the basement feel as though you were outside. Even on the rainiest of days, guests could enjoy the outdoors atmosphere while staying dry.

Toy cupboard

Of course, the basement wouldn’t have been complete without Gez’s toy cupboard. However, he didn’t want all the wires and consoles to take up the space he had spent so many hours clearing.

Instead, Gez needed a way to keep them all neat and tidy. So what did he do? He built a special storage space into the wood that would keep them all out of the way, of course. The list of things to do seemed to be never-ending as one project continued to lead onto another.

Mood lighting

One of the downfalls of being in the basement was the fact that Gez would be spending a lot of his time underground.

How would he be able to get enough light into the room to enjoy his hard work? That’s when it clicked; he needed some strip LED lights. After working so hard on the cupboards, Gez could now use them as the hiding place for his mood lighting. Plus, the new lights helped illuminate the bare brick wall.

Extra strength

Even though the hole hadn’t caused damage to the room, Gez still wanted to make sure the trap door wouldn’t make the floor weak.

To compensate for the issue, he added some extra supports for the ceiling of the basement. Now all the sawing and grinding was over, Gez could finally choose the color for the walls of his new space. He knew precisely the shade to go for, too – sky blue. At long last, the room was starting to come together.

Staircase to what?

Gez had put in an incredible number of hours to make his new space perfect. Would he be pleased with the final result or had all the work been for nothing?

Time was about to tell. Gez opened up the secret bench to reveal the staircase below. On top of everything else, he had also recycled a 120-year old door to create the steps down to his creation. Gez started to descend downward one by one. A flick of the light switch and his project was revealed.

Entertainment space

Long gone were the bare mattresses that had been in the basement.

Now, the room had been decked out with colorful pillows and sheets to create a seating area for Gez and all his friends. Gez hadn’t just finished the seating. The star had also brought in some extra additions including a selection of plants and tables. The room was finally complete, but he had one more surprise up his sleeve. All guests had to do was look at the wall.

Secret cinema

Not only had Gez created the perfect hang out room, but he had also built his very own screen as well as installed a projector.

Now, he could head downstairs where he could enjoy all his favorite games, videos, and movies in his very own home cinema. Gez had accomplished the dreams of many. To bring it all together, Gez had even wired up a sound system that would bring everything on the screen to life. Now he wasn’t the only one looking forward to using the space.

Celebrate in style

After seven days of solid work, Gez can now look back at the wonder of his new basement. To celebrate, the DIYer invited around all of his friends.

The group began by watching videos on YouTube before finishing the night with two of the movies from the Batman Dark Knight superhero franchise. Plus, Gez has competition for the space. His younger sister has already requested to hold her next birthday party in the newly refurbished basement. Who would have thought you could do so much with one room?

Other projects

Believe it or not, but the basement cinema isn’t the only project that Gez has worked on over the years.

This DIY handyman has also built several other creations around his home over the years. From a puppy hangout for his dog to renovating his bathroom, it looks as though there is no space in Gez’s house that isn’t set for a makeover. We wonder if anyone will mind if we cut a trap door in our floor..?