Famous stars who married much younger guys

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There are so many cliches about life and love in particular, that it’s sometimes hard to follow or hard not to be cynical about them. Some of these repeated mantras include statements like ‘you only live once’, ‘love has no boundaries’ and many many more. However, have you ever wondered if these statements might actually be true to some people? What about ‘love has no age?’, what if for many couples around the world who decided to marry a much younger person, age has nothing to do with the way they feel when they are around each other?

Saying that, society is still (unfortunately) more tolerant to the fact that if a couple with a significant age gap decides to spend their lives together, it’s more conceivable when the man is older than the woman. Well, according to the Hollywood relationship book, this couldn’t be more far fetched, because there many female celebrity stars who chose a younger man for their forever and for the rest of their lives with (assuming they haven’t gotten a divorce yet). There’s no doubt that Hollywood sets a precedent in a lot of realms, especially in the relationship sphere, so at least in the age-difference-gender aspect, they set a good example.


Take Julianne Moore or Halle Berry for instance, when they met the love of their lives (the second or the third) they focused on the connection they had with the other person,  rather the year they were born in. Some may refer to these ladies as cougars, but we think that Benjamin Franklin pretty much summed it all up when he said that it really doesn’t get any better than being with an older, much experienced woman who will take care of you. From Susan Sarandon to Madonna, these female A-Listers prove that age is just a number.

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