The best and worst TV roomies of all time

Just like in real life, becoming roommates with another person, whether you know them from the past or whether they are total strangers, can lead to some very interesting and funny situations, after all, everyone needs to adjust to the new living arrangement. Having someone as a roommate can be your best experience in your adult life but can also be your worst living nightmare, and the interplay of such relationships, especially in sitcoms, is what makes us so entertained. At the end of the day it’s all about the dynamics, and if they all got along so well, you know it wouldn’t be so interesting to watch. These are television’s best and worst roommates of all time.

Sheldon and Leonard – The Big Bang Theory

Where do we even begin with these two? Besides the fact that The Big Bang Theory is one of the most brilliant shows that was ever on television, what makes it all so more incredible is its cast. It’s the constant professional and personal clashes between the theoretical physicist, Sheldon and the experimental physicist, Leonard, that make us cringe in our seats in the best possible way. It’s always interesting to view the dynamics between roommates who are so different from one another, but two see the dynamics between two geniuses, braniacs for that matter, is just too funny. The best thing about these two is that they know they can’t live without the other, even though it is pretty much portrayed the opposite on screen. It’s obsessive-compulsiveness meets needy and whiny all under one roof, thank god there’s Penny there to balance that craziness out.


Ted, Lily and Marshall – How I Met Your Mother

You have to admit, there is something a bit odd in choosing to live with your best friend from college and his girlfriend. Setting boundaries becomes a whole lot more complicated in a situation where you have a single man who is desperately looking for love and a serious relationship and a lovey dovey couple who are constantly in his face to show him what he is missing out on. Let’s just say that fighting gets more complicated in that living situation. These three, together with Robin and Barney, like to spend most of their time together even outside the apartment. Perhaps they got so used to being together that it’s almost surprising how they don’t all sleep together in the same bed.


Charlie, Alan, and Jake – Two and a Half Men

Just because you’re family, it doesn’t mean you necessarily get along. We can’t think of any more different personalities that two on screen brothers have than Alan and Charlie. Jon Cryer played played the struggling and unlucky chiropractor who has made some very poor choices in his life. Charlie Sheen played Cryer’s on screen brother, Charlie, who is a former musician, an alcoholic and a big player, who was written out of the show in season nine. Add in Alan’s slacker son, Jake, and you get one big unhappy family with more issues than you can imagine all living under the same beach house roof.


Blair and Serena – Gossip Girl

If you are going to shack up with someone, then you might as well do it a multi million dollar Fifth Avenue penthouse. Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf have been BFF’s for as long as they can remember, but with more ups and downs that can only be typical when you live in the Upper East Side. Despite their fights, they always found comfort in one another and always spent time with each other, so it wasn’t a big shocker when Serena moved in with Blair in season four. Let’s just say that when two Manhattan princesses live together in the same castle, it’s going to be interesting.


Jess, Nick, Schmidt and Winston – New Girl

There are many reasons why New Girl is a fan’s favorite, and one of them has got to with the dynamic casting that was done. There is something already interesting and intriguing in one woman moving in with three guys. Jess, the bubbly middle school teacher moves in with Nick, Schmidt and Winston after she walks in on her ex boyfriend to find him cheating on her. The dynamics between the guys themselves and between Jess an Nick who turned their friendship into a romance, is always fun to watch.


Joey and Chandler – Friends

There were so many roommates that have shacked up throughout the show’s ten seasons, that it was really hard to choose who were our favorite, but there’s no doubt that Joey and Chandler have been the roommate duo who have shared an apartment for the longest time on the show, and also the ones who had the funniest interaction. Chandler’s cynicism and Joey’s foolishness just mashed perfectly to create one of the most amusing connections in television history.


June and Chloe – Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23

Krysten Ritter played the role of the worst roommate anyone could have ever asked for. Ritter played Chloe, the shameless and very extroverted, sometimes a little bit too much is you ask us, who did everything in her power to sabotage everyone else’s lives. She became roomies with June Colburn, who was played by Dreama Walker, an optimistic, honest and friendly country mouse, pretty much the opposite of everything that Chloe represents. At the end of the day, she was the only one who could really stand her and her intolerant behavior.


Frasier, Martin, and Daphne – Frasier

NBC’s sitcom which ran for eleven seasons premiered on September 16, 1993 and the audience was immediately introduced to the newly-divorced Fraiser Crane who was played by Kelsey Grammer, his father, Martin Crane, a retired police officer, his younger brother, Niles who works as a psychiatrist and their physical therapist, Daphne Moon. They all move in into Fraiser’s luxury apartment and you can only imagine the dynamics that were going on between all the characters, especially due to Frasier’s somewhat irritating personality.


Melanie, Joy, Victoria and Elka – Hot in Cleveland

When you have a six-time divorcee, a mother, a beautician and a Polish caretaker who is also very judgmental (Betty White of course), you know there’s going to be trouble and things will get catty, in the funniest way possible. The show tells the story of Melanie, Joy and Victoria who are all veterans of the entertainment industry who decide to rent a home from a very cheeky landlord, Elka, who still lives in the adjacent guest house.


Hannah and Marnie – Girls

As much as we adore Hanna who is played by the brilliant Lena Dunham, we all know we would never want to shack up with her. Girls has become a television sensation and it’s all due to Dunham’s vivid writing, and New York as the backdrop of course. When Hanna, the narcissistic and immature aspiring and struggling writer becomes roomies with Marnie, an art gallery assistant who dreams of becoming a musician, we knew it wasn’t going to last for too long, and indeed at the end of season one the two had a big fight which pretty much terminated their rooming situation.


Vinny and the Boys – Entourage

If you are going to rent a room with anyone, it might as well be your best friend, in fact your three best friends. Adrien Grenier plays the role of Vinny Chase on HBO’s comedy-drama, an Hollywood A-lister who decided to take in his three buddies from back home – Johnny, his half brother who also took on the role as the house’s chef while juggling between different acting gigs, Eric, Vinny’s manager and Turtle. Together they formed an Entourage where they always got each other’s backs.


Rory and Lorelai Gilmore – Gilmore Girls

Ok so they weren’t technically roommates, but they sure did act as ones most of the time. Lorelai, the easy going young single mother to her daughter, Rory was acting more like the child than the adult figure most of the time. These two, at least in the first few seasons, spent much of their time together hanging out in Stars Hollow talking about life, love, family and school. One of the show’s focal points was around Lorelai’s complicated relationship with her wealthy parents.


Max and Caroline – 2 Broke Girls

2 Broke Girls has received mixed reviews during the time it was aired. Some loved the idea of two totally different girls from two different ends of the wealth spectrum. Caroline and Max grew up leading two completely different lifestyles. Caroline is the daughter of a billionaire who grew up in the Upper East Side, whereas Max pretty much grew up poor. The two were not only roommates, but were also working together at a diner in Brooklyn, hoping to one day open a cupcake store.


Felicity and Meghan – Felicity

If you grew up watching nineties shows, then you couldn’t not fall in love with Keri Russell who played the role of Felicity Porter, the young college student with the big curls. The show revolved around Felicity and her gang from the fictional New York University. One of the most memorable characters was Meghan Rotundi who was Felicity’s first roommate when she first attended university. Her Gothic style was pretty much the polar end of Felicity. The two didn’t see eye-to-eye to say the least, however, as you can probably imagine, the two grew to have a very special bond by the end of the series.


Abed, Troy and Annie – Community

What happens when you put the proper, overachiever and compulsive girl with a nerd and a former quarterback? many hysterical comical moments. While they weren’t the most natural of roommates, Annie (played by Alison Brie) Abed and Troy, these three managed to overcome their differences and create some great television. The series received critical acclaim for its writing as well as its acting. The show ran for six seasons from 2009 to 2015.


Monica and Rachel – Friends

From one set of Friends to another, there really was no way you could look at the dynamic between these two ladies without, one, cracking up, and two, wishing you had a best friend you could shack up with like they did. Monica and her OCD and Rachel with a more carefree approach, proved that you best friends are capable of living together, even when times get tough.


Jessica, Lennon and Joe – Best Friends Forever

We’ve already seen that a situation which involves a couple rooming with one of the partner’s best friend, can lead to some complicated scenarios but also some very funny moments. When Jessica moves in with her BFF, Lennon, after Jess’s husband files for divorce, she probably never thought she would have to face Lennon’s boyfriend, Joe, who not only had recently moved in, but also is very fond of walking around naked around the house. These three mange to co-exist in this unnatural environment.


Alan Harper and Walden Schmidt – Two and a Half Men

You could say that Alan Harper has really upgraded his living situation when the young billionaire entrepreneur, Walden Schmidt, decided to buy the beach house from Alan’s brother, Charlie, who was written off the show. Played by Ashton Kutcher, the immature but kind-hearted, Walden, brought in a lot of light and joy, despite his suicidal thoughts, to Alan’s low-key and somewhat miserable life. In fact, you know it’s going to be all fun and games when Askton Kutcher is involved.


Will and Grace – Will and Grace

Although they have been best friends since their University days, it seemed like the only thing these two had in common was their appreciation of good taste and their attraction to men. Will played the gay and very successful lawyer who is overly obsessed with cleaning and decorating while Grace is an interior designer who is overly neurotic and always count on Will to be there for emotional support. The most amusing thing about their relationship are the two sidekicks that played alongside, Jack and Karen.


Dave and Max – Happy Endings

When Alex and Dave break up, they leave their four best friends in an awkward position, especially in terms of their group dynamics that had to drastically change and adjust to the new situation. Dave, the daydreamer who owned a food truck and dreamed of opening his own restaurant, moves in to live with one of his best friends, Max, the very non-stereotypical gay man who is known for his uncultured behavior, slackness and his ability to keep away from any real responsibility.


Bert and Ernie – Sesame Street

Bert and Ernie might be Muppets, but they take on every characteristic of two roommates living together who couldn’t have a more different personality. These two were like the Odd Couple of Sesame Street, who lived together in the basement, who pretty much did everything together. A typical skit that was shown each time was about Ernie thinking of an idea which he believed was the greatest idea in the world and Bert pretty much trying to talk him out of it until he loses his temper. Hilarious.


Felix and Oscar – The Odd Couple

Speaking of The Odd Couple, the television show from the seventies which was based on the play that was written by Neil Simon starred Felix Unger who was played by Tony Randall and Oscar Madison who was played by Jack Klugman. They were both divorced men who led very different lifestyles which clashed many times throughout the show when they shared an apartment in New York. On one hand, the drove each other insane, but on the other, they were loyal friends who always had each other’s backs.


Laverne & Shirley – Laverne & Shirley

The sitcom premiered in 1976 but was set in the late fifties and it told the story of two single roommates, Shirley and Laverne who were working as bottlecappers at Shotz Brewery. Laverne was the Brooklyn tomboy who loved Milk and Pepsi and Shirley was the perky always shining and much more outspoken one of the pair. These two spent their time chasing after men in hopes to leave their blue-collar lifestyles behind.


Larry and Balki – Perfect Strangers

Living with a roommate can totally feel like living with a perfect stranger at times, even when it’s family. The mid eighties show chronicles the interaction between Larry Appleton who was played by Mark Linn-Baker and his naive cousin, Balki Bartokomous played by Bronson Pinchot who ca,e from the fictional island of Mypos in Greece. You can only imagine the laughs that were happening as a result of watching the American Larry who becomes his Shepard cousin’s roommate who knows very little about the American culture.


The Golden Girls – The Golden Girls

It seems like the legendary Betty White likes the idea of sharing a place with other women, because way before Hot in Cleveland, she was part of a very funny show which featured four senior women who shared a house in Miami. You had all the stereotypes living under one roof – the cynic, the naive and optimistic, the wise and very romantic and the shameless braniac. They were the Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda of the eighties, only with a humorist twist.


Ned and Stacey – Ned and Stacey

Will was not the only one that Debra Messing has ever roomed with. Sometimes people also become roommates under certain constrains and unusual circumstances. Ned and Stacey initially had a platonic rooming arrangement when Ned only married Stacey in order to get promoted and Stacey wanted to marry Ned in order to get out of her parent’s house. The show, however, was cancelled after two seasons and we never got to see how their story unfolded.


Jack, Janet, and Chrissy – Three’s Company

Three’s Company was one of the most successful sitcoms in the seventies and later in the eighties, not only for its incredible cast which featured John Ritter, Janet Wood and Suzanne Somers, but also due to the endless comic errors and understandings which made everyone fall in love with it. The three led a platonic living arrangement and they all had their unique chracater. Chrissy was the ditzy blonde, Janet was the trusting sweet roomie and Jack, with his patronizing behavior, had to pretend he was gay so the landlord wouldn’t think there was any inappropriate relationship going on between the three.


Kip and Henry – Bossom Buddies

While Bossom Buddies was only on television for two season, while it was aired it provided a lot of laughs and quirky humor. Anytime you have Tom Hanks on screen, especially dressed a woman, you know that it’s going to be a whole lot of fun. The series featured two single men who were working the advertising business who had to pretend they were women in order to be able to live in the cheap female-only condo.


Tony, Samantha, Angela and Jonathan – Who’s the Boss?

Who can forget the sweet Alyssa Milano and her hunky dad, Tony Danza from Who’s the Boss? the successful and award winner sitcom from the eighties? When widower, Tony was kind of forced to move in with the feisty Angela in order to order to provide his daughter with a better life, you knew it was going to get interesting between the Bowers and the Micellis, especially due to their cultural differences.